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Problem 111

Search for 10-digit primes containing the maximum number of repeated digits.


problem_111 = undefined

Problem 112

Investigating the density of "bouncy" numbers.


problem_112 = undefined

Problem 113

How many numbers below a googol (10100) are not "bouncy"?


problem_113 = undefined

Problem 114

Investigating the number of ways to fill a row with separated blocks that are at least three units long.


problem_114 = undefined

Problem 115

Finding a generalisation for the number of ways to fill a row with separated blocks.


problem_115 = undefined

Problem 116

Investigating the number of ways of replacing square tiles with one of three coloured tiles.


problem_116 = undefined

Problem 117

Investigating the number of ways of tiling a row using different-sized tiles.


problem_117 = undefined

Problem 118

Exploring the number of ways in which sets containing prime elements can be made.


problem_118 = undefined

Problem 119

Investigating the numbers which are equal to sum of their digits raised to some power.


problem_119 = undefined

Problem 120

Finding the maximum remainder when (a − 1)n + (a + 1)n is divided by a2.


problem_120 = undefined