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Problem 11

What is the greatest product of four numbers on the same straight line in the 20 by 20 grid?


problem_11 = undefined

Problem 12

What is the first triangle number to have over five-hundred divisors?


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Problem 13

Find the first ten digits of the sum of one-hundred 50-digit numbers.


problem_13 = undefined

Problem 14

Find the longest sequence using a starting number under one million.


problem_14 = undefined

Problem 15

Starting in the top left corner in a 20 by 20 grid, how many routes are there to the bottom right corner?


problem_15 = undefined

Problem 16

What is the sum of the digits of the number 21000?


problem_16 = undefined

Problem 17

How many letters would be needed to write all the numbers in words from 1 to 1000?


problem_17 = undefined

Problem 18

Find the maximum sum travelling from the top of the triangle to the base.


problem_18 = undefined

Problem 19

How many Sundays fell on the first of the month during the twentieth century?


problem_19 = undefined

Problem 20

Find the sum of digits in 100!


problem_20 = undefined