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Problem 131

Determining primes, p, for which n3 + n2p is a perfect cube.


problem_131 = undefined

Problem 132

Determining the first forty prime factors of a very large repunit.


problem_132 = undefined

Problem 133

Investigating which primes will never divide a repunit containing 10n digits.


problem_133 = undefined

Problem 134

Finding the smallest positive integer related to any pair of consecutive primes.


problem_134 = undefined

Problem 135

Determining the number of solutions of the equation x2 − y2 − z2 = n.


problem_135 = undefined

Problem 136

Discover when the equation x2 − y2 − z2 = n has a unique solution.


problem_136 = undefined

Problem 137

Determining the value of infinite polynomial series for which the coefficients are Fibonacci numbers.


problem_137 = undefined

Problem 138

Investigating isosceles triangle for which the height and base length differ by one.


problem_138 = undefined

Problem 139

Finding Pythagorean triangles which allow the square on the hypotenuse square to be tiled.


problem_139 = undefined

Problem 140

Investigating the value of infinite polynomial series for which the coefficients are a linear second order recurrence relation.


problem_140 = undefined