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(Indications of support/opposition)
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== Indications of support/opposition ==
I do not suggest that the number of people on each list is significant, however it's nice to take a rough straw poll of how people feel, and who feels what way. Do not take this as a vote, it's really not. If adding a user based on their indications in email messages (rather than explicit confirmation) I have added their name in ''italics''.
== Support ==
== Support ==

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The following people support the addition of FilePath into base:

  • Neil Mitchell


The following people oppose the addition of FilePath, with (optionally) the reason after. Please create a new item in the list for the reasons.

  • Example 1 (1,2,3)
  • Example 2 (3)

Opposed reasons

If anyone wishes to flesh out any of these reasons, please do so below in a separate subsection for each point.

  1. type FilePath = String is a bad design choice, which should not be encouraged
  2. The base libraries are not the place for a FilePath library
  3. The interface in this library is poorly designed