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== Examples ==
== Examples ==
<!-- add new ones at the top, probably -->
<!-- add new ones at the top, probably -->
* https://github.com/mlesniak/game - Haskell/OpenGL/Chipmunk game prototypes
* [[wxAsteroids]], a well-documented game, based on [[wxHaskell]]
* [[wxAsteroids]], a well-documented game, based on [[wxHaskell]]

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This page and the #haskell-game IRC channel is the starting point for everyone interested in doing game development with Haskell. You may also wish to join the Games group on haskellers.com.

There are quite a lot of games, unfinished libraries, and interested people out there - please gather links here and join us on #haskell-game !

Games and game engines

Articles and blog posts


  • Games in Haskell - Matthew Sackman and Tristan Allwood on developing games with OpenGL in Haskell


  • Possible Hackage categorisation guidelines: upload games to Game, engines and libs to Game Engine, or at least to some category beginning with Game, and check latest categories before uploading


Is hackage missing a useful data structure or library for some functionality that would benefit game programming? Suggestions for useful things can be added here as potential projects to hack on.

  • Octtree, kd-tree, various space partitioning techniques (maybe start with spacepart).
  • Binding to enet for multiplayer games. (jeffz is working on this).