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The #haskell-game IRC channel on is the discussion hub for folks doing game development in Haskell. This is the channel page and home for the haskell game development community, subsuming the old Game Programming page. Please link all known games, libs, and useful resources here.


Applications and libraries/Games --- games and game libs in Haskell

I am interested in learning how to program games. I created this wiki page for a discussion on game programming. I am interested in how to construct a game program. How does the the general game behave, which abstractions could be done in games, how is the gameplay, and what primitives could be used to construct such a game program? I suggest to consider simple, concrete games; here an attempt on a "five-in-a-row"-program: game-1.0.tar.gz

wxHaskell - A Portable and Concise GUI Library for Haskell; this PDF document describes an implementation of an asteroids game. See also wxAsteroids