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Game Development

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This page and the #haskell-game IRC channel is the starting point for everyone interested in doing game development with Haskell.

There are quite a lot of games, unfinished libraries, and interested people out there - please gather links here and join us on #haskell-game !

Applications and libraries/Games - a partial list of Haskell games, engines and game-related libs

Some relevant Hackage categories: Game - Game Engine - Graphics - Sound - Physics

1 Articles and blog posts

2 Videos

Matthew Sackman and Tristan Allwood on developing games with OpenGL in Haskell

3 Other

  • I am interested in learning how to program games. I created this wiki page for a discussion on game programming. I am interested in how to construct a game program. How does the the general game behave, which abstractions could be done in games, how is the gameplay, and what primitives could be used to construct such a game program? I suggest to consider simple, concrete games; here an attempt on a "five-in-a-row"-program: game-1.0.tar.gz