H-99: Ninety-Nine Haskell Problems

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These are Haskell translations of Ninety Nine Lisp Problems.

If you want to work on one of these, put your name in the block so we know someone's working on it. Then, change n in your block to the appropriate problem number, and fill in the <Problem description>,<example in lisp>,<example in Haskell>,<solution in haskell> and <description of implementation> fields.

These problems have been split into 10 parts, for ease of access:

Questions 1-10: 99_questions/1_to_10 Questions 11-20: 99_questions/11_to_20 Questions 21-30: 99_questions/21_to_30 Questions 31-40: 99_questions/31_to_40 Questions 41-50: 99_questions/41_to_50 Questions 51-60: 99_questions/51_to_60 Questions 61-70: 99_questions/61_to_70 Questions 71-80: 99_questions/71_to_80 Questions 81-90: 99_questions/81_to_90 Questions 91-100: 99_questions/91_to_100