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== Contributors ==
== Contributors ==
* '''Kenneth Hoste''' (ideas/advice/Wiki page maintainer)
* '''Kenneth Hoste''' - ''boegel on #haskell@FreeNode'' (ideas/advice/Wiki page maintainer)
* '''Donald Bruce Stewart''' (darcs repo maintainer (probably))
* '''Donald Bruce Stewart''' - ''dons on #haskell@FreeNode'' (darcs repo maintainer (probably))
* '''Andy Georges''' - ''itkovian on #haskell@FreeNode'' (measurements/analysis/advice)
* <add '''your name''' here if you want to contribute!>
* <add '''your name''' here if you want to contribute!>

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HaBench: The Haskell Benchmark Suite

Recent discussions have illustrated the need for an up-to-date Haskell benchmark suite. The goal would be to package a number of representative benchmarks, written in Haskell, which users can run on their machine. Gathering (and publishing) performance numbers for these benchmarks on a number of different machines will hopefully help in guiding future development of both Haskell compilers and programs.


* Kenneth Hoste - boegel on #haskell@FreeNode (ideas/advice/Wiki page maintainer)
* Donald Bruce Stewart - dons on #haskell@FreeNode (darcs repo maintainer (probably))
* Andy Georges - itkovian on #haskell@FreeNode (measurements/analysis/advice)
* <add your name here if you want to contribute!>


* start from the (out-of-date?) nofib benchmark suite (website)
* include Computer Language Shootout submissions (website)
* maintain benchmark according to Hackage (Hackage list)

More info?

* #haskell IRC channel at Freenode
* initial thread @ Haskell mailing list
* follow-up thread @ Haskell-Cafe mailing list


Comments? Feel free to add them!