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The HaRe Project

Currently, HaRe is a full Haskell 98 refactoring tool for automated refactoring of Haskell 98 programs. It is integrated with Emacs and Vim. Future plans are to extend support for Haskell 2010 and other language extensions.

The project is lead by Chris Brown.

Roadmap (sketch)

  • API decisions (ghc-api/ programmatica/ haskell-src-exts)
  • Extending refactorings to cope with new extensions
  • Simpler generics for tree traversals.
  • Query / transform language support
  • Better examples, user extension documentation
  • Maintainance and portability long term.
  • Possibly use Scion, to abstract editor<- scion-{hare} ->ghc-api layer.