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* Hugh Robinson
* Hugh Robinson
* Brent Yorgey
* Brent Yorgey
* Dafydd Harries

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This is a page to help organize HacBOS - a Haskell hackathon in Boston!

Proposed Schedule

Based on polling some of the local Boston-area attendees, the weekend of January 29th-January 31st looks attractive.

A Boston hackathon (particularly one at MIT) would be more popular during or just after MIT's Independent Activities Period (January 4th-January 29th). Another advantage of scheduling the hackathon this weekend is that it is the first weekend after the MIT IAP Haskell course, so the hackathon could be a natural follow-on event.

Proposed Location

At MIT, probably in the CSAIL reading room (which seems like a hackathon-friendly space).

Possible Attendees

  • Nirav Dave
  • Joe Fredette
  • Edward Kmett
  • Ravi Nanavati
  • Daniel Peebles
  • Fare Rideau
  • Hugh Robinson
  • Brent Yorgey
  • Dafydd Harries