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Name Number E-mail IRC Days Attending
Thomas DuBuisson TomMD ALL
David Lazar (\x -> lazar6 davidL ALL
Dan Colish dcolish Saturday
Jason Dagit lispy Fri-Sat(?)
Matthew Sorensen intercalate "l" ["infa","","ib","eone@gmai",".com"] Fri-Sat
Clint Moore hydo All
Lee Short blackcat (a t ) Fri(?)-Sat-Sun
Michael Steele plus one ALL
Andrew Farmer (\ x -> x ++ "") "anfarmer" afarmer ALL
Nathan Collins ntc2 ALL?
Jamey Sharp ALL?
Josh Triplett Fri
Michael Sloan mgsloan Sat-Sun
Ki Yung Ahn kyagrd Fri,Sat, and Sun afternoon
Ezekiel Smithburg tehgeekmeister friday afternoon, saturday, sunday
Philip Weaver pheaver Friday
Bart Massey PO8 parts of friday, saturday, sunday
Adam Foltzer (\x -> acfoltzer acfoltzer Friday afternoon