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Please list the projects you'll be hacking on!

Project Task Description Participants
Win32-dhcp Binding to the DHCP Server Management API Michael Steele
Hackage 2 Work to bring Hackage 2 closer to deployment TomMD, ?mgsloan?
Apters Pure functional build system implemented in Haskell Jamey Sharp, Josh Triplett
Serialist Webcomics meet Haskell Jamey Sharp
Generic Genetic Algorithm Package A genetic algorithm package that uses Typeable to build and correctly breed or mutate valid call trees. TomMD

Suggested Projects for Anyone

If you're having trouble thinking of a project then consider one of these. If you have too many projects then add some of them here!

Project Task Description Extra Information
Monadic Ops for unordered-containers Add monadic operations (mapM, alterM, etc) to the unordered-containers library This might be a bit mechanical, but gives an opportunity for someone to study the well-structured and high-performance unordered-containers library.


If you have a talk you'd be willing to give, or are interested in hearing a talk then note it down here!


Subject Details Requester(s) Volunteer Presenter(s)?
Reactive-Banana Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) is an interesting tool I've always wanted to learn but, until reactive-banana's release, there never seemed to be a sufficiently stable and well maintained library. TomMD
Enumerators Thanks to Oleg, there's a new(ish) FP pattern that many of us still have never used. Any presentations on this topic that include real uses will probably be welcome. TomMD, Josh Triplett


Subject Details Volunteer Presenter(s)?