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Please list the projects you'll be hacking on!

Project Task Description Participants
Win32-dhcp Binding to the DHCP Server Management API Michael Steele
Hackage 2 Work to bring Hackage 2 closer to deployment TomMD, ?mgsloan?
Apters Pure functional build system implemented in Haskell Jamey Sharp, Josh Triplett
Serialist Webcomics meet Haskell Jamey Sharp
Generic Genetic Algorithm Package A genetic algorithm package that uses Typeable to build and correctly breed or mutate valid call trees. TomMD
MendlerFix Very simple package that just generating fixpoint datatype operators and catamorphisms of Mendler style depending on Kind using Template Haskell. Basic things are done, but need more convinience helper functions and classe interface, etc. in the future. Ki Yung Ahn (kyagrd)
enum Enum as a special case of Shared Subtypes (SSubtypes) and if I can finish Enum library, then try a Hackish implementation SSubtypes using Template Haskell. http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1411297 Ki Yung Ahn (kyagrd)
Rex Typeful regular expressions library needs to be finished up (currently compile-time regex compilation can lead to strange bugs). https://github.com/mgsloan/rex mgsloan

Suggested Projects for Anyone

If you're having trouble thinking of a project then consider one of these. If you have too many projects then add some of them here!


If you have a talk you'd be willing to give, or are interested in hearing a talk then note it down here!



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