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Name Number E-mail IRC Days Attending
Thomas DuBuisson 410-948-6700 TomMD 365 Days a year!
John Melesky - - jmelesky Fri, Sat, Sun
Clint Moore 253-693-8534 hydo Fri,Sat,Sun
David Leimbach - - Leimy Either [] [Sat, Sun]
Echo Nolan - enolan Fri, Sat, Sun
Tim Chevalier - Binkley Fri, Sat, Sun
Don Stewart dons Fri, Sat, Sun
Jonathan Daugherty cygnus Fri, Sat, Sun
Kirk Peterson necrobious Fri, Sat, Maybe Sun
Michael Steele msteele Fri, Sat, Sun
Daryoush Mehrtash Fri, Sat, Sun
Cooper Francis coopf Fri, Sat, Maybe Sun
Julian Blake Kongslie Sun
Creighton You said you'd be there, right?
Bart Massey 503 725 5393 PO8 Fri, Sat, Sun
Jason Dagit lispy Fri, Sat, Sun