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| ccasin
| ccasin
| [http://hcross.sourceforge.net hcross]
| [http://hcross.sourceforge.net hcross]
| mightybyte
| [http://snapframework.com snap]

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Sharing your code

If you need a place to host a project so that others can help with it, we suggest patch-tag, which offers free hosting for public darcs repositories.

You can also apply for an account on the community server.


If you have a project that you want to work on at the Hackathon, please describe it here.

Since Hackathons are great for teamwork, consider joining one of the projects mentioned below. If you're interested in one of these projects, add your name to the list of hackers under that project.


By the time of the hackathon, I (Brent Yorgey) hope to have the new version of diagrams developed to the point where others can usefully hack on many parts of it in parallel. Examples of things that might need doing include hacking on the core library and layout engine itself, developing fun/interesting examples and contrib modules that provide higher-level diagram facilities, and developing backends for rendering to various formats.

  • Brent Yorgey


RepLib is a library for datatype-generic programming. I'd like to try adding arity genericity to it. Lots of type-level hacking involved!

  • Chris Casinghino


Please list projects with which you are familiar. This way, people know whom to contact for more information or guidance on a particular project.

Name Projects
byorgey xmonad, diagrams
ccasin hcross
mightybyte snap