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Hac φ 2009

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* Daniel Wagner (organizer)
* Daniel Wagner (organizer)
* Brent Yorgey (organizer)
* Brent Yorgey (organizer)

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1 About

Hac φ, to be held at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, is in the early planning stages. It will be an informal Haskell hackathon/get-together for the eastern US (although people are welcome to come from elsewhere too!). At this point we are just trying to gauge interest and pick a date; watch this space for more details as they are decided.

At this point the possible dates are

June 19-21, 2009


July 24-26, 2009

If you think you might like to attend (no committment necessary), please add your name below. Also, please make a note if either of the above dates absolutely does not work for you.

2 Attendees

  • Daniel Wagner (organizer)
  • Brent Yorgey (organizer)