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This is the attendee list for Hac φ. Please refer to the main page for more information.


Once you've registered, please add your name to the following table:

Nickname Real Name Mobile # Arriving Departing Accommodation
byorgey Brent Yorgey (202)-531-8646 - - lives in Philadelphia
dmwit Daniel Wagner (650)-353-1788 - - lives in Philadelphia
golubovsky Dmitry Golubovsky (734)–276–9451 - - lives in a Philly suburb
dmead Daniel Mead no cell - - lives in a Philly suburb
chr1s Chris Eidhof +31628887656 23 (evening) or 24 (morning) 27 Don't know yet
sebas Sebastiaan Visser +31624828951 23 (evening) or 24 (morning) 27 Don't know yet
twadleigh Tracy Wadleigh (540) 742-3156 24 midday 26 evening Club Quarters
gcollins Gregory Collins (416) 836-9333 24 morning 26 evening @ Brent Yorgey's
ccasin Chris Casinghino (603) 860-5301 - - lives in philly
mmmdonuts Anton van Straaten 203 942 6276 - - Family nearby in NJ
Luke Luke Hoersten - 24 midday 27 evening Unknown
ravi_n Ravi Nanavati +1 617-697-3281 24 afternoon / evening 26 evening Hotel in downtown Philadelphia

Additional Comments

Please use this section to leave comments for other attendees, e.g. for organizing accommodation.

If you'd like to stay with me, I probably have enough floor space in my apartment for one or two people to crash. I live about a 20-25 minute walk away. Send a note to daniel@wagner-home.com. --dmwit

I am willing to make available the pull-out in my Club Quarters room available to an economizing hacker for some appropriate (certainly less than half) share of the room's cost. twadleigh 28 May 2009