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  • Over-all goal: Get Hackage Done. See Isaac's detailed explanation. Please add / remove stuff! This covers some of the following:
    • integrate cabal-install
    • build attractive web front-end
    • augment hackage back-end
    • brainstorm ways to improve adoption
      • how do we make it _the_ place people look for packages?
    • make recommendation to isaac jones: Should we buy a new server (or virtual colo) or should we use monk
  • Darcs
  • GHC
  • libraries bugs
  • integrating SoC code (for cabal?)
  • new releases
  • AJAX/HAppS?
  • Yhc + Cabal + Base
  • Haskell installer project, Gtk2Hs/GHC/Hugs/Cabal unified installer for Windows
  • Gtk2Hs + Gtk + GHC + Windows + Threads
  • porting libraries
  • new library/tool releases
  • compiler ports: want to get YHC running on your favourite machine?
  • new tools
  • infrastructure hacking: cabal, hackage
  • documentation
  • tutorials
  • bug squashing
  • feature implementations (walk the Trac list)
  • External core (Yhc and GHC): Making the (Haskell) external core interpreter in ghc/utils/ext-core work (again?)
  • A suitable low overhead GHC (+ others?) run time system interface to Integer C functions
  • http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/595 (Overhaul GHC's overlapping/non-exhaustive pattern checking)
  • Mac OS X test failures (ghc-6.6 and ghc-HEAD)
  • GHCi debugger: integrate in Emacs and/or Visual Haskell