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Please add yourself to this list if you are potentially interested in being part of a Hackathon colocated with Haskell Workshop and ICFP 2007 (i.e. in Freiburg, Germany, around the end of September/beginning of October).

  • Ian Lynagh (Igloo)
  • Duncan Coutts (dcoutts)
  • Malcolm Wallace (malcolmw)
  • Don Stewart (dons)
  • Lennart Kolmodin (kolmodin)
  • Pepe Iborra (mnislaih)
  • Simon Marlow (JaffaCake)
  • Ben Lippmeier (benl23)
  • David Himmelstrup (Lemmih)
  • Björn Bringert (bringert)

In terms of dates, IFL immediately preceedes HW, which immediately preceeds ICFP, so the best might be to go for the weekend Fri-Sun afterwards. This gives a days rest after a week's conferences, or CUFP for the diehards, on the Thursday.

An alternative might be to run the Hackathon in parallel with IFL (or ICFP), but this might result in some people who want to go not being able to make much of it.

Potential topics for a group hack

Add ideas here for which you think hacking together as a group (rather than individually) would be beneficial.

  • bytestring 1.0
  • bit layer on Data.Binary 1.0
  • Data.ByteString.Parallel
  • Lots of Cabal hacking still to be done
  • Bindings for <your favourite C library>
  • Haskell library for <your favourite task>

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