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If you've registered, do add your name to the following table.:

Number Name Nick Affiliiation
1 Don Stewart dons UNSW/Galois
2 Ian Lynagh Igloo
3 Duncan Coutts dcoutts Oxford
4 Malcolm Wallace malcolmw
5 Lennart Kolmodin kolmodin Chalmers
6 Pepe Iborra mnislaih
8 Ben Lippmeier benl23 ANU
9 David Himmelstrup Lemmih
10. Bjrn Bringert bringert Chalmers
11 David Waern waern
12 Rickard Nilsson ricky
13 Tim Chevalier Binkley
14 Neil Mitchell ndm
15 Andy Gill andyjgill Galois
16 Clemens Fruhwirth therp
17 Thorkil Naur naur


  • Igloo: By train, 29 Sep at 21:00, Freiburg Hbf.


A number of accommodation options are available. To organise to share, contact other attendees on irc or via email.

Planned Projects

  • Igloo: Undecided as yet; will see what grabs me nearer the time!
  • dons: bit parsing layer for Data.Binary and a network protocol demo?
  • dons: HPC coverage for bytestring 1.0