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This is a partial list of attendees for Hac Boston. Please refer to the main page for more information.


Feel free to list yourself here -- though this is not registration. To register, see this page.

Nickname Real Name Mobile # Arriving Departing Accommodation
edwardk Edward Kmett (857)244-1001 - - lives in the area
imalsogreg Greg Hale (908)797-8281 - - lives in the area
peterood Peter Rood (650)429-8772 Aug 1 Aug 3 TBD
mmaruseacph2 Mihai Maruseac (857)260-9373 - - lives in the area
djahandarie Darius Jahandarie - - - lives in the area
goldfire Richard Eisenberg - Aug 1 Aug 3  ??? roommate / couch appreciated
carter Carter Schonwald - aug 1 aug 3 roommate / couch?
S FLUID I. G. Reilly isaac.g.reilly@gmail.com July 31 Aug 2 lives in the area (no space for guests, sorry)

Additional Comments

Please use this section to leave comments for other attendees, e.g. for organizing accommodation.

Richard Eisenberg (goldfire) is looking for a way to defray accommodation costs. Email me at eir at cis dot upenn dot edu if you have a couch to offer or want to split a hotel room. See my web page at http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~eir/ if you want to know more about me. Thanks!