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If you'd like to give a talk, announce it here; tell us your name, the title of the talk, a short description. Please also let us know if you won't be attending Saturday afternoon and want to present at some other time.


Talk Name Speaker Description
An invitation to Homotopy Type Theory Gershom Bazerman You won't know HoTT or understand it at the end of this talk. But you may understand at least what the domain is, why it is of interest, and even maybe have some notion of what "univalence" could be and why it is reasonable to expect that it should compute.
Ocaml Eye for the Haskell Guy Clark Gaebel OCaml is similar to Haskell, but different. I'll talk about some cool things it can do that Haskell can't.
TypeFamilies in 20 Minutes or Less Brandon Simmons A tutorial introduction to my favorite GHC extension; at the end of the talk you should have a good idea of what TypeFamilies is all about, and a sense of where you might use it in your own code.