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silver bullets slaying bugs...<br>
silver bullets slaying bugs...<br>
It is only code!</blockquote>
It is only code!</blockquote>
By [ Neil Davies]:
<blockquote>Yesterday it worked.<br>
Today it is still working<br>
Haskell is like that!</blockquote>

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1 Haskell haikus

1st prize in 'Original code poems' in the "Waikato ACM Code Poetry Contest 2006":

Haskell is concise
Functional well-typed and neat
It is like Haiku

By FMota, preserved in Lambdabot:

Haskell's cryptic form
is natural to some folks
and so is Haiku's

1.1 Monad haikus

From Monad laws#But it doesn't look exactly like an "associative law"...:

Monad axioms:
Kleisli composition forms
a category.

1.2 From #haskell

empty list error:
this elegant program dies
so very quickly
less time debugging
more time downloading your brain
to the type system
type checker: "You fool!
What you request makes no sense -
rethink your bad code."

1.3 From haskell-cafe

By Thomas Hartman:

You come for magic
silver bullets slaying bugs...
It is only code!

By Neil Davies:

Yesterday it worked.
Today it is still working
Haskell is like that!