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The names in the haskell.org domain point to a set of machines:


This machine ( responds to the names haskell.org, www.haskell.org, bugs.haskell.org and lambda.galois.com. It is hosted in Germany by Hetzner.

MRTG: All network traffic.

Note: before December 2010 these domains were hosted by haskell.cs.yale.edu at Yale University.


This machine ( responds to the names darcs.haskell.org, hackage.haskell.org, cvs.haskell.org, haskell.galois.com, abbot.galois.com. It is a dedicated host in Galois server room.

MRTG: All network traffic, External network bandwidth, Free disk space, System load, Free memory, Free swap, All of the daily graphs.

For more details, see Abbot.


This machine ( also responds to the names community.haskell.org, code.haskell.org, projects.haskell.org, trac.haskell.org, rt.haskell.org, planet.haskell.org. See this message.

The Haskell community server is designed to support and encourage open Haskell-based projects and collaborations of all kinds, provided only that their intention is to contribute something to the community, and that all hosted project content is publicly available. Resources available include:

For information about how to host a project, see http://community.haskell.org/.

Notes: machine has been increasingly unreliable. Plan to move to a VM host on new-www.haskell.org

MRTG: All network traffic, Free disk space, System load, Free memory, Free swap, All of the daily graphs.


sparky - a SPARC T2 donated by (formerly) Sun Microsystems. Kindly hosted by Chalmers but technically owned by Oxford University Department of Computer Science (?).

Relation between the services

I'm wondering what the relationship is (if any) between code.haskell.org and darcs.haskell.org.

darcs.haskell.org hosts ghc, the core libs and many others. The server is maintained by Galois. Because it hosts the most central bits of the haskell platform, security is fairly tight and getting an account there is hard. There are very few community members with root privileges.
community.haskell.org was created precisely to provide hosting to the wider community. It is hosted commercially, paid for by haskell.org's Google Summer of Code funds. We have several community admins with root privileges.

Should my projects be hosted at darcs or code?

code.haskell.org. It's easy to get an account there via the web submission system: http://community.haskell.org/admin/

Is one more blessed/preferred over the other for community projects?

Yes, code.haskell.org is preferred.

If my project is currently on darcs, should I migrate to code?

You can if you like, there is no need to do so however. Accounts on darcs.haskell.org are not going to be revoked as far as I know. The community server is an addition, not a replacement.

If I have an account on darcs, will it work on code, or do I need to get a new account on code?

They are totally separate systems.

See also


Policy on adding new subdomains

We limit the addition of new subdomains to haskell.org to minimise unnecessary proliferation of subdomains and to try to keep the haskell.org domain reasonably well organised, while still helping people do useful things with it.

The current policy is that new subdomains are to be used for services rather than content.

So for example a Haskell graphics related website should normally go at http://www.haskell.org/graphics, rather than http://graphics.haskell.org.

In contrast a service like hackage does merit its own subdomain.

Clearly the line between services and content, and indeed the precise definitions of each, is something of a grey area, and we are certainly happy to be flexible particularly if there are technical or other reasons for doing things one way.