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(Previous Workshops)
(Upcoming Workshop)
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== Upcoming Workshop ==
== Upcoming Workshop ==
* [[HaskellImplementorsWorkshop/2015|August 30th 2015, Vancouver]]
* August 30th 2015, Vancouver
== Previous Workshops ==
== Previous Workshops ==

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The Haskell Implementors Workshop has a long history, but was recently restarted as a 1-day workshop alongside ICFP 2009 in Edinburgh. It is an informal affair, aimed at bringing together the people behind the Haskell infrastructure. It provides a forum where the people working on compilers, tools, or libraries for Haskell development can bat around ideas, share experiences and ask for feedback from fellow experts. There are no proceedings, just a mixture of short talks, longer talks, discussion and demos.

Further details are on the page specific to the workshop instance:

Upcoming Workshop

  • August 30th 2015, Vancouver

Previous Workshops