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10:30-12:00: Session 2
10:30-12:00: Session 2
* '''[[HaskellImplementorsWorkshop/2011/Coutts|Spark Visualization in ThreadScope]]''' (Duncan Coutts)
* '''[[HaskellImplementorsWorkshop/2011/Coutts|Spark Visualization in ThreadScope]]''' (Duncan Coutts) - [http://hackage.haskell.org/package/threadscope Slides] / [http://hackage.haskell.org/package/threadscope Package]
* '''[[HaskellImplementorsWorkshop/2011/Wortmann|Weaving Source Code into ThreadScope]]''' (Peter Wortmann)
* '''[[HaskellImplementorsWorkshop/2011/Wortmann|Weaving Source Code into ThreadScope]]''' (Peter Wortmann)
* First Lightning Talks Session
* First Lightning Talks Session

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The Haskell Implementors Workshop is an informal affair, aimed at bringing together people behind the Haskell infrastructure. It provides a forum where people working on compilers, tools, or libraries for Haskell development can bat around ideas, share experiences and ask for feedback from fellow experts. There are no proceedings, just a mixture of short talks, longer talks, discussion and demos.

The Haskell Implementors Workshop will run again this year, co-located with ICFP 2011.


Important Dates

  • Friday 22nd July: Proposal Deadline
  • Monday 8th August: Notification
  • Friday 23rd September: Workshop


9:00-10:00 Session 1

10:00-10:30: Tea Break

10:30-12:00: Session 2

12:00-13:30: Lunch Break

13:30-15:00: Session 3

15:00-15:30: Tea Break

15:30-16:30 Session 4

16:30-16:45: Short Break

16:45-17:45: Session 5

  • Safe Haskell (David Terei)
  • Third Lightning Talks Session and Beyond Haskell Discussion