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Haskell Platform: Field Report and Future Goals

Mark Lentczner

The Haskell Platform has become the standard way people acquire a Haskell programming environment. It is used by novices getting they're first exposure, experienced Haskell programmers for their day to day programming, and production deployments needing a stable base to build on. The platform is settling into a reliable and central part of the Haskell landscape.

This talk will report on the current state of the Platform, the process of producing it, the relationships of the people involved, and the timing of our releases. It will also briefly review the content of the Platform, and the processes in place for proposals.

Then, to stimulate discussion on the future of the Platform, I will propose language for goals, and present a straw man description of what the Platform should strive to be, and not be. I will also propose a roadmap for the packages included in the Platform, and some suggestions for improving our processes. A lively follow-on discussion is anticipated!