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Please copy stuff over from hawiki only if you own the copyright to it or it's in the public domain.

License, please

I have set the license to a simple permissive license, which applies mandatorially to all contributions, and moved the earlier license discussion to HaskellWiki talk:Copyrights.

If you contributed before 2006-01-14 05:15 UTC, please license those contributions under this license. For instance, paste this onto your user page:

I hereby license all my contributions to this wiki under the simple permissive license on [[HaskellWiki:Copyrights]]. ~~~~

If you didn't contribute before then, you don't need to do this. —Ashley Y 01:14, 31 January 2006 (UTC)

By contributing to HaskellWiki, you license your contribution under the simple permissive license.

Contributions since 2006-01-14 05:15 UTC are available under the above license.