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Often people post wonderful material to the mailing lists, or on #haskell. This can later be hard to find. The goal of this page is to collect a list of people who are happy for their contributions to the Haskell community, in any media, to be added directly to the Haskell wiki.

If you are happy for your contributions (both new and old posts) on any media that are part of the Haskell community, including:

that are not specifically licensed to be treated as having been released under a Simple Permissive License. please add your name to this list, so that others may move your contributions around without fear.

Contributions will be licensed specifically under a Simple Permissive License.

  • Brandon Allbery
  • Cale Gibbard
  • Chris Smith
  • Conor McBride
  • Conrad Parker
  • Dan Doel
  • Derek Elkins
  • Don Stewart
  • Eric Kow (kowey)
  • Jonathan Cast
  • Samuel Bronson (SamB)
  • Stefan O'Rear
  • Tim Chevalier (aka Kirsten)
  • Dominic Steinitz