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97. [[Haskell Quiz/Posix Pangrams|Posix Pangrams]]
97. [[Haskell Quiz/Posix Pangrams|Posix Pangrams]]
99. [[Haskell Quiz/Fuzzy Time|Fuzzy Time]]

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A collection of solutions to the Ruby quiz puzzles in simple, elegant Haskell.

As you solve the puzzles, please contribute your code, and create a page for the puzzle entries. When creating a new page for your source, be sure to categorise it as code, with a [ [ Category:Code ] ] tag.

The Puzzles

1. The Solitaire Cipher

2. Secret Santas

31. Amazing Mazes

39. Sampling

57. Weird Numbers

63. Grid Folding

76. Text Munger

93. Happy Numbers

97. Posix Pangrams

99. Fuzzy Time