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A collection of solutions to the Ruby quiz puzzles in simple, elegant Haskell.

As you solve the puzzles, please contribute your code, and create a page for the puzzle entries. When creating a new page for your source, be sure to categorise it as code, with a [ [ Category:Code ] ] tag.

The Puzzles

1. The Solitaire Cipher

2. Secret Santas

5. Sokoban

7. Countdown

15. Animal Quiz

19. Yahtzee

20. Phone Number Words

22. Roman Numerals

25. English Numerals

27. Knight's Travails

31. Amazing Mazes

33. Tiling Turmoil

37. Inference Engine

39. Sampling

43. Sodoku Solver

54. Text Index and Query

57. Weird Numbers

60. Numeric Maze

63. Grid Folding

65. Splitting the Loot

70. Constraint Processing

76. Text Munger

77. cat2rafb

84. PP Pascal

88. Chip Eight

92. DayRange

93. Happy Numbers

97. Posix Pangrams

98. A*

99. Fuzzy Time

100. Bytecode Compiler

106. Chess960

107. Word Search

108. Word Blender

114. Housie

117. SimFrost

121. Morse Code

122. Checking Credit Cards

128. Verbal Arithmetic

131. Maximum Sub-Array

138. Count and Say

139. IP to Country

141. Probable Iterations

147. Goedel

156. Internal Rate of Return

Possibly fun ones not yet done in haskell

3. Geodesic Dome Faces http://www.rubyquiz.com/quiz3.html

11. Learning Tic-Tac-Toe http://www.rubyquiz.com/quiz11.html

48. Math Captcha http://www.rubyquiz.com/quiz48.html

49. Text Image http://www.rubyquiz.com/quiz50.html (Not sure how image loading will work)

85. C-Style Ints http://www.rubyquiz.com/quiz85.html

87. Negative Sleep http://www.rubyquiz.com/quiz87.html (As a Monad!!!)

Many weren't included because of either clumsy ASCII output, or requiring a dictionary. Perhaps a dictionary module could be created and those problems attacked in a unified fashion.

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