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1 Haskell User Group Starter Kit

Want to start a Haskell User Group? These resources may help. They are geared towards a non-academic crowd who probably does not know anything about Haskell or Functional Programming and have regular meetings to talk about Haskell or FP. This page has a slightly different emphasis than a Haskell for Beginners one or a How to Learn Haskell page might. It specifically plays off the tendency for Haskell User Groups to have people with varying degrees of expertise/familiarity in Haskell.

1.1 Topics

Great topics to cover

1.2 Coding Dojo

Best exercises for a Haskell coding Dojo

1.3 Papers

Must-read papers for a non-academic non-FP crowd

1.4 User groups tips and tricks

Most likely external links to non-Haskell-specific sites