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There are often people looking for useful projects to do and there are always projects needing help. This page is meant to bring people and projects together. Anyone with a Haskell project needing help, can add their project to this page.


wxHaskell is a portable and native GUI library for Haskell. The goal of the project is to provide an industrial strength GUI library for Haskell, but without the burden of developing (and maintaining) one ourselves.

wxHaskell is therefore built on top of wxWidgets: a comprehensive C++ library that is portable across all major GUI platforms; including GTK, Windows, X11, and MacOS X. Furthermore, it is a mature library (in development since 1992) that supports a wide range of widgets with the native look-and-feel.

What can be done?

Some of the activities:

  • Writing sample programs for testing and teaching (for functionality not used in sample programs so far)
  • Simplifying installation (e.g. creating a wxWidgets/wxHaskell binary package with installation program). Scripts, used in the passed for this, can be found on GitHub, old binary package are at SourceForge.
  • Add/improve descriptions of the wxHaskell API in the source code (include usage samples)
  • Trying wxHaskell on Android and other new platforms
  • Testing
  • Updating the HaskellWiki pages



GHC backend for JVM/.NET

There is no such project currently going on, but someone should start it. It probably needs several people to make sure that the project will run to till completion. The most important information about this can be found at GHC/FAQ 1.5 .NET/JVM Availability

Games, procedurally generated art, game engines, game libraries, toys, demos

In case you are after something more light-hearted...

LambdaHack, a game engine library for roguelike dungeon crawlers

Written in a rather antiquated style (e.g., GADTs only just introduced, FRP planned). Needs tons of help from gurus and newbies alike, see the issue tracker at https://github.com/LambdaHack/LambdaHack/. Apart of improving the engine, a useful (and fun!) endeavour is to write yet another game with it (e.g., the classic high fantasy setting is yet unclaimed, just as faithful reimplementations of NetHack/Angband/etc.). Beware, however, the engine is a fast moving target and also you'll quite likely be lured into engine hacking regardless of your focus on game content.