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Haste, short for Haskell Turbo-Edit was a Haskell IDE written in Haskell which used Wxhaskell as a GUI and a heavily modified version of haddock 1.x for Intellisense (tab-completion). It was announced Sun Apr 10 2005, by a group of students at Chalmers University. Its homepage was at http://haste.dyndns.org:8080 (the site has since gone down).

The development of Haste has been abandoned, and as of GHC 6.8.2, it is somewhat bitrotten. A snapshot of the last sources can be found at /~kolmodin/code/haste on haskell.org.

A successor to haste, haste2 (primarily developed by David Waern), has also been abandoned. Lennart Kolmodin describes haste2 thusly:

"It had some basics and could have become very exciting. It

had some integration with darcs, haddock2 (?) and a proper source code widget. It was based on using IO much, and we discussed it and were eager to try a more pure style, like xmonad to the X server. We would probably rewrite it pretty much from scratch if we'd continue. The current work is all done by Waern.
Waern also wrote pretty complete Scintilla[1] bindings to the gtk2hs framework. Our previous bindings has been integrated into the wxHaskell project. Unfortunately the gkt2hs work got destroyed in a hard disk crash, and he was not able to recover it. That's the bindings haste2 relied on. As far as I know haste2 was also on that disk. It seems

pretty much dead too."
A screenshot of Haste circa January 2006.