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This wiki site is supposed to be the place containing all the possible information and documentation for Himerge

1 Latest Release (Beta)

Himerge version 0.17 released on February, 9, 2008.

You always can check the latest himerge screen-shot from this link

2 FAQs

  • What does Himerge really/exactly stands for?

It technically stands for "Haskell Interface for eMerge" ; though I personally can also think about some funny terms like:

  - Hi 'emerge'
  - High-Emerge
  - Himerge Is (only) emerge
  • How do I install Himerge?

Since emerge is the Gentoo package manager, these instructions are unlikely to work on any other distro/OS unless of course you have installed prefixed portage.

You need to unmask several packages, by putting the following in /etc/portage/package.keywords to run the 'unstable' branch. Note that these are actually developed in the haskell overlay before moving to the portage tree.

# haskell
# haskell deps

# himerge

If you're currently running stable ghc, you should upgrade ghc first and then run ghc-updater. Either way, it would be good to emerge ghc first, then emerge himerge.

  • Every time I try to search for a package I receive the 'Package not found' error

Himerge uses eix for searching packages in the tree, so every time you sync , you also need to update the eix data-base. After a sync just do Ctrl+U or go to the "Tools -> Update Eix" option in the main menu bar to solve it.

3 Tutorials