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This wiki site is supposed to be the place containing all the possible information and documentation for Himerge

Latest Release (Beta)

Himerge version 0.21.9 released on May, 21, 2008.


You always can check the latest himerge screen-shot from this link


Himerge is featured in the LinuxIdentity magazine


What does Himerge really/exactly stands for?

It technically stands for "Haskell Interface for eMerge" ; though I personally can also think about some funny terms like:

  - Hi 'emerge'
  - High-Emerge
  - Himerge Is (only) emerge

How do I install Himerge?

Since emerge is the Gentoo package manager, these instructions are unlikely to work on any other distro/OS unless of course you have installed prefixed portage.

You need to unmask several packages, by putting the following in /etc/portage/package.keywords to run the 'unstable' branch. Note that these are actually developed in the haskell overlay before moving to the portage tree.

# haskell
# haskell deps

# himerge

If you're currently running stable ghc, you should upgrade ghc first and then run ghc-updater. Either way, it would be good to emerge ghc first, then emerge himerge.

Every time I try to search for a package I receive the 'Package not found' error

Himerge uses eix for searching packages in the tree, so every time you sync, you also need to update the eix database. After a sync just do Ctrl+U or go to the "Tools -> Update Eix" option in the main menu bar to solve it.

Note: The eix database is automatically updated after every sync operation since Himerge version 0.17.3.

I get a 'System.Glib error' when trying to run Himerge

Check out that you have run the script install_data.sh as explained in the readme.txt installation instructions.

Why the web links don't open in my favorite browser?

Himerge uses the gecko engine of gtkmozembed internally for the web panel, which makes firefox or firefox-alike packages a requirement for the system, so it makes sense to have firefox as the default browser.

Why do I need to click twice on the packages web link to launch the browser?

This is a work-around due to a gtkmozembed bug, probably related to gtk2hs too. The problem has already been reported and probably will have a fix in the near future.

The toolbar buttons title doesn't shows and I get an 'sh: kde-config: command not found' everytime I start Himerge

This is a qt-engine known issue that affects gtk. The solution is to change the gtk-engine you are using to other different than 'qt' or 'qt-curve'.

Himerge with Firefox 3

The Firefox 3 package doesn't contain anymore the gtkmozembed library, you will need to re-install gtk2hs and Himerge with the 'xulrunner' USE flag enabled.