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ICFP Programming Contest/Teams 2007

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This page is for helping Haskell (and FP) people organise teams for the 2007 ICFP contest.


1 Teams

Teams that competed and their final rankings.

Team Members Ranking
Basically Awesome jcd__ et al less than 15
solo r6 roconnor 32
Lazy Bottoms vincenz, Adept, Lemmih, psykotic, zeeeee, jethr0, Cale 56
Team PDX Binkley et al 67
TNT: Team Named Thunk timbod, mnislaih, Toxaris 80
The Church of the Least Fixed Point desp, dreamer_, lispozord, q, rraptorr 95
cdsmith Chris Smith 104
ChuToys genneth, smowton, greg 129
Instant Chaos alar @ #haskell, #oasis, #haskell_ru , nealar 133
augustss Lennart 151
scsibug Greg Heartsfield 195
Pointless nominolo, Igloo, mauke 695

The following teams sound like they might use Haskell, or FP at least:

Teams that sound like they use Haskell Members Rank
PurelyFunctionalInfrastructure (maybe)  ? less than 16
The Higher order of Zeuxis  ? 16
Frictionless Bananas  ? 27
Side Effects May Include... (maybe)  ? 29
Poor Man's Haskell (maybe)  ? 252
Haskeller (maybe)  ? 312
Nomadic I/O  ? 578

2 Contest Code

Some teams have made their contest source code available

Team Respoistory Access
solo r6 darcs get
Antoine, Creighton code