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Notes from Utrecht on future directions for packages and infrastructure


Work underway to do general performance improvements to the containers package, based on worker/wrapper and other idioms. New repository for work on patch-tag:

Added test suite and coverage data, (increased coverage to > 50%)

Investigate certain functions, then determine if anything on Hackage uses them. If no such package is found using the Map function, remove it from the API -- 20 years and 2000 packages should be enough empirical evidence.

Added benchmarking suite.

Improved performance. Submitted to libraries process:

Candidates for removal:

Function Reason Comment
notMember Trivial composition of not and member
findWithDefault Should be renamed to lookupWithDefault for consistency
updateWithKey The caller already has the key
updateLookupWithKey The caller already has the key. updateLookup could be useful though
adjust Simply calls adjustWithKey that calls updateWithKey
adjustWithKey Simply calls updateWithKey

hackage 2

Ready Hackage 2 for use.


network package is low level, difficult to maintain and fragile. Rewrite using design from python?


Based on Patricia trees and using MurmurHash.


Fast, open addressed hashtables: useful, but relatively small ROI. Also quite complex.


Propose text for the HP. Draft now available:


Generate unified docs for the HP.