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==PhD/MSc Studentships==
==PhD/MSc Studentships==
*  [ PhD studentship at Ghent University]  
*  [ PhD studentship at Ghent University]
*  [ Industrial PhDs and MSc projects at Functor AB]

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This page collects advertisements for commercial and academic positions involving Haskell or related technologies.

If you are seeking Haskell jobs, or wish to recruit, good places to follow are the Haskell and Haskell-cafe mailing lists, the CUFP Job Opportunities list and the Types mailing list (particularly for research jobs). Contacting those organisations listed on the Haskell in industry is a good idea. Joining the nascent networking site Haskellers may also prove beneficial.

Please also supply the date when you add a new job opening to the list below.


1 Industry positions

1.1 Related positions

2 Academic positions

3 PhD/MSc Studentships

4 Internships

5 Job sites