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Haskell Jobs

Haskell is a freely available language based on open-source software. So this page mainly advertises for participation in unpaid projects. However, advertisments for university and industry positions are just as welcome.

Positions involving Haskell

University Positions

Position in Industry


Jobs that need Doing

Contributions Wanted

  • The nofib suite is a collection of Haskell programs used for testing and benchmarking Haskell compilers. If you would like to contribute your Haskell program to nofib, then Julian Seward would love to hear from you.

Cooperations Desired

If you are working on some Haskell project and could do with some help, then advertise here (and on the Haskell mailing list).

Homeless compilers, tools, libraries

Many Haskell tools and libraries have been developed as part of research projects. When the research project ends they are often half-finished and will no longer be supported in the future. If you built some Haskell software and unfortunately no longer feel able to maintain it, then please advertise here (and on the Haskell mailing list) for new people to take it over and give it a home.