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Lambdabot is an IRC bot written over several years by those on the #haskell irc channel.

Lambdabot lives here. Lambdabot's source is available via a darcs repository, here

Lambdabot is written in Haskell, and supports plugins for adding new commands. It has many plugins, including:

  • Haskell evaluation
  • Hoogle interface
  • Pointfree refactoring
  • A theorem prover, Djinn.
  • Lambda calculus interpreter
  • Haskell type and kind checking
  • Dynamic plugin composition
  • Haskell library source lookup
  • Language translation
  • Quotes
  • Todo lists
  • Irc functions
  • Darcs patch tracking
  • A vixen/eliza personality
  • Random dice
  • Project database
  • Dictionary lookups
  • Karma tracking
  • User poll and election support
  • Quotes
  • Search google, wikipedia and more
  • Spell checking

All commands starts with an @. A command is invoked by writing @<command-name> [args]. For example @eval 1+2 will make lambdabot respond with 3. Good commands to know are @help and @listcommands.

See the sources or ask the bot itself. If you have any questions about Lambdabot, ask on the #haskell irc channel.