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This portal points to places where you can go if you want to learn Haskell.

Join the Haskell subreddit, where we do regular Q&A threads called Hask Anything (that's the archive).

You can ask questions to members of the Haskell community on Matrix, mailing lists, IRC, or StackOverflow.

To get started, set up your Haskell environment. You can also try out Haskell in your browser on the Haskell Playground!

Training courses

Short training courses aimed at existing programmers

Material for self-study

Below there are links to certain introductory material. If you want to dig deeper, see Books and tutorials.


Online tutorials

Advanced tutorials



Type classes

Generic programming

Popular libraries


Course material

Trying Haskell online

There are several websites where you can enter a Haskell program and run it. They are (in no particular order):

To create a browser based environment yourself: