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1 Introduction

Bernard Paul Sypniewski's article An Introduction to Applicative Universal Grammar.

The same author has also an entire homepage for the topic.

As an article describing what AUG is, see also Shaumyan's Two Paradigms of Linguistics: The Semiotic versus Non-Semiotic Paradigm.

1.1 Fragments

Sebastian Shaumyan's long answer to comments gives examples, thus can help at understanding the above materials.

Some citings and fragments from Sebastian Shaumyan can be read here.

2 Details

Long-Distance Dependencies and Applicative Universal Grammar (written by Sebastian Shaumyan and Frédérique Segond) compares (presenting some advantages of the latter)

  • combinatory categorial grammar
  • applicative universal grammar

3 Implementing these ideas

A Haskell application for natural language parsing, based on Applicative Universal Grammar (AUG) is described in Mark P. Jones', Paul Hudak's and Sebastian Shaumyan's Using Types to Parse Natural Language. The Haskell source code given by the article is full, it can be run by Gofer, and after a few modification, by GHC too (transpose must be explictly imported from standard library module Data.List, and class Text renamed to Show).

A more detailed description of the topic of this previous article described in Sebastian Shaumyan and Paul Hudak's Linguistic, Philosophical, and Pragmatic Aspects of Type-Directed Natural Language Parsing