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== Pretty-printer Libraries ==
;[http://research.microsoft.com/~simonpj/downloads/pretty-printer/pretty.html Pretty printer library]
:Simon Peyton Jones made an "industrial strength" pretty printing library in Haskell, based on John Hughes's paper "The Design of a Pretty-printing Library" (in Advanced Functional Programming, Johan Jeuring and Erik Meijer (eds), LNCS 925). [http://www.md.chalmers.se/~rjmh/Software/NewPP.hs Original version by John Hughes].
;[http://www.cs.uu.nl/~daan/pprint.html PPrint]
:PPrint is an implementation of the pretty printing combinators described by Philip Wadler. The PPrint library adds new primitives to describe commonly occuring layouts and works well in practice.
=== Dead ===
;[http://www.cs.uu.nl/groups/ST/Software/PP/ Pretty-printing combinators] {{dead link}}
:The combinators in the library are optimal in the sense that they produce the layout with the smallest height possible. They also allow the programmer to specify several different layouts.

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