List of Projects that use Haskell

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People often ask, «Okay, Haskell looks like a fun language; but what's written in it?»

The purpose of this page is to create a list of Haskell-based projects.


To qualify, the project should meet these requirements:

Programs, not libraries
The project should be of value to the end user. Programs that are configured by writing a small piece of Haskell code (xmonad, yi) or that expose a Haskell-based DSL are okay.
A significant part is written in Haskell
As a rough guideline, no less that 30% of the source code should be Haskell.
Open source
Not necessarily «free as speech», but people should be able to try it out and look at the source code.
Valuable outside of the Haskell community
Haskell infrastructure is almost entirely written in Haskell, but that isn't very useful in selling Haskell to outsiders. Tools that work with other languages (e.g. a Perl6 compiler written in Haskell) are okay.
The project should be maintained and have a non-trivial user base.


a distributed version control system
a tiling X window manager
a universal document converter
a program for visualizing data from log files
a personal finance tracker
a general-purpose archiver