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1 Date and Venue

Provisionally: 16-17 October, G-Club

2 Registration

Will be required. Come here later for details.

3 Projects

If you have a project that you want to work on at the Hackathon, please describe it here. This page is only meant for coordination, it does not impose anything.

If you're interested in one of these projects, add your name to the list of hackers under that project. If you have another project you'd want to hack on, add it to the list!

3.1 under.c

Hackers: vvv

3.2 darcs

Hackers: adept

3.3 loker

UNIX Shell scripts parser

I plan to conduct an introduction to the project for new and wannabe contributors at the beginning of the first day.

Hackers: Roman Cheplyaka

3.4 vty-ui

Hackers: jtootf

3.5 cabal

Hackers: Oleg Smirnov

3.6 turnir

Hackers: Ivan Veselov

3.7 nullfs

Hackers: xrgtn

3.8 TermWare

Hackers: rssh