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Jump to: navigation, search (aka; aka monk) is in need of an OS upgrade. It's currently running Debian sarge; the upgrade will be to etch, the current stable version of Debian.

This page is meant to host discussion of

  1. Which crucial applications will be upgraded (with specific version numbers)?
    1. What config files will need tweaking?
    2. What binary data stores (e.g., database disk files) will need processing?
  2. The downtime plan
    1. Schedule
    2. Regression tests (including who will carry them out)
    3. Rollback plan(s)
  3. Wider post-upgrade testing and observations

Application Upgrades

Which crucial applications will be upgraded?

Notes on re-configuration...

MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, BerkeleyDB -- which of them are in active use and candidates for upgrades? Their data stores will likely need a dump and restore...

Downtime Plan

The downtime plan in as much detail as possible.


Regression tests -- preferably scripted, with "owner" who decides how to proceed in event of failure.

Rollback plan(s)

Post-Upgrade Notes and Observations

Anything we learned or observed that will be helpful as we move forward?