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Monads are also popular as:

  • symbols of martial art video games and
  • symbols of some of the new musicians.
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Here are some albums: Monads are on the cover ! Listen some music for free ! Download for free ! Enjoy for free ! Click on the following external links to see the pictures and download the music !

Music of monads, Free music for Haskell Users. Warning: Right click the link and open the external page in a NEW window. Otherwise you can not come back.

  • [1] Best Of Crench - A funny designed monad for music.
  • [2] Krayne - experimental evolution - A carefully designed monad for the cover of the music record.
  • [3] Krayne - c0ntact - A small but visible monad. Related to music, of course.
  • [4] An album released by Les Brigandins. A small but suggestive black and white monad on the cover.

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