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  • April 1990, the Haskell Report is released..

  • June 1990, Implementations, John Peterson mentions that groups at Yale and Glasgow are working hard on implementing Haskell.

  • June 1990, Parallel Haskell, Simon Peyton Jones mentions that a parallel Haskell implementation is already running.

  • June 1990, A 3rd Haskell Implementation, Diomidis Spinellis announces that a 3rd Haskell implementation is underway at Imperial College. Notably it compiles to native assembly.

  • August 1990, HBC 0.99 (Haskell B Compiler) Lennart Augustsson announces that Lazy ML version 0.99 comes with a free Haskell compiler, hbc.

  • Monads popularised by Wadler